About the YOUniversity

Our YOUniversity
The Love YOUniversity is home of the transformative Love You Method. This method, created by our founder Cortney Anne Budney, is the foundation and magic to anything and everything you are looking to create in your inner and outer reality. We are going through important times where many of us have the opportunity to awaken to our integrated and balanced higher selves in human form. This method is the key to awaken to the expansiveness you are so you can consciously create the life and reality you desire.

Who We Serve:

We use the Love You Method as powerful inner awareness and guidance in tandem with outer action steps to offer programs that serve:

    • Heart Centered Entrepreneurs - Connect with your unique purpose and use your light to transform the world all while enjoying 6-7 figure prosperity.
    • Relationships - Create radiant, balanced, and loving relationships that not only bring you joy, but also help you experience yourself in a deeper and more meaningful way.
    • Recovery - “True Recovery” is available to all. There is no addiction you have to be “stuck” with as a disease. Your darkness is the very ingredient you need to allow transformation from “caterpillar to butterfly.”
    • Holistic Health - During transformation, it is vital to care for our physical bodies. In order to do so optimally, we must first care for our emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. This will allow you to finally have the health you have worked so long and hard to attain.

About Cortney Anne:

Cortney Anne Budney is an Empowerment Speaker and Coach. By practicing what she teaches in her own life, Cortney went from a person who most often felt unhappy, lost, unhealthy, unloved, unwanted, and unsuccessful to a woman who knows and lives by her great power and success and loves exactly who she is.  Cortney has always consciously had big dreams, but attempting to create them was a constant struggle and often she could not get herself to even take action.  Now, with knowing and loving her true self and power source, Cortney has created a life and business of unconditional love, joy, success, abundance, prosperity, and freedom. She loves to play with every experience life gives her.  Are you ready to play in your life?  Because it was meant to be a joyful playground!