Purpose & Prosperity Small Group Coaching Intensive

Cortney Budney
Cortney Budney

Love YOUniversity Presents:

Purpose & Prosperity Small Group Coaching Intensive

Featuring the Power of the Love You Method for Inner Transformation and Love You Marketing Method.

One day small group coaching intensive where you will learn the specifics and power of the inner transformational Love You Method and the incredibly effective Love You Marketing Method for Wounded Healers and Heart Centered Trailblazers.  Limited to 15 participants with personalized attention from multiple coaches.

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Together, we will:

1. Introduce and teach the Love You Method so you can learn why it is the foundation to creating all you desire in your life, purpose, prosperity, health and relationships.

2. Learn why your Wounds are the keys to discovering your Unique Purpose.

3. Understand that “We teach what we most need to continue learning.” Therefore, you only need to stay a few steps ahead of your tribe. You do NOT need to be perfect and authenticity is what will allow your tribe and audience to trust you.

4. Give you the secrets and powerful steps of the Love You Marketing Method. Learn the marketing that has allowed some of the best sales and businesses coaches to create even more and to do it from a place of authenticity and love, and never pushy sales.

5. Discover why you may be losing clients half way through programs or they are not having the success you know they can. Learn why this is not your fault, and why it is not about you not having incredibly powerful and needed gifts.

6. Artists- Understand why you have to run your purpose like a business and follow specific core principles to help you have more effective impact on your audience, create loyal fans, and attract those who are willing to pay for your talents and services.

7. You will leave with a 2018 Purpose & Prosperity Plan for Your Business/Art that will have you in touch with your unique purpose, “top tier tribe/audience,” your story and how to share you even more confidently and powerfully, and your program and artistic offerings.

Who Is this Training Best For?

Wounded Healers/ Trailblazers Who....

1. .... desire to help their clients more deeply and may be wondering why certain clientele are having difficulty getting results or taking action.
2. .... want to connect with their unique purpose...the message and work that make them different from ANYONE else out there.
3. ... are making incredible impact in lives yet are having difficulty in the area of prosperity and they are ready to receive for their gifts. OR they are doing well financially but do not know how to take it to the next level or what is blocking them.
4. .... have spent many years, and even decades, deep in self-help, business, and/or spiritual teachings but they feel something is still missing.

5.....are either trying to get out of the “hobby zone” (making $25k or less a year) to make a bigger impact, or want to move from the high $20s or more to a consistent 6 Figure yearly income without working more than 25-30 hours a week.
6.....are consistent 6 figure earners, but are still unhappy inwardly or they are not content with their purpose, may be overworking, or want to charge higher prices to a “top tier” of clients who they want to help have huge transformation.

Wounded Artists Who....

1.... Want to share their art/gifts with the world but also want to receive prosperity doing so. 2.... Need to get clear on the purpose and message of their art as well as being aware of their tribe and how best to communicate them.
3.... Do not understand why they are unable to match

4.... Discover why the YOU in your art needs to be front and center and is your key to success.

Additionally, as entrepreneurs we need to focus on all core areas of life AND some of us need better ways to help our clients. So this training is also for those who (or to help their clients who)...
1. .... desire to heal the relationships in their lives, especially with their life partner, and be connected in unconditional love and union.

2. .... want to heal at a physical level whether it be weight loss or any disease in the body.
3. .... are longing for what we call “mental health” and may be suffering from things like anxiety, depression or other “disorders” and have found no remedy or relief.
4. ... are trapped in an addiction(s) and no matter what they have tried cannot figure out why they are unable to free themselves.
5.... would like a deeper spiritual connection and understanding of why they are “here.”

Especially for Anyone Who... ******

1. .... knows they are experiencing an “awakening” of sorts but has no idea how to navigate the journey and/or they do not want to be alone in this process and want guidance for better, less painful, and more rapid transformation.

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Wed., Jan. 24, 2018 or  Thurs., Feb. 22, 2018
Location: Adamstown, Maryland (Near Frederick)

What is a Wounded Healer and Are You One?

Let’s start with defining “Healers.”

We are going to give you our definition of the word “healer” and how we use it in our work. First off, we do not believe in “broken.” All things are operating based on a science and spirit that operate perfectly. If you have studied neuroscience, you know our subconscious wiring creates 95% of what we experience in our reality. Even though this system is working as it should, that does not mean what is wired into the system is creating desirable results that allow us to be in ease, flow, abundance, and purpose.

So healing is not “fixing” a broken system... but allowing the system to create the desired conscious results that are in harmony with the person, their purpose, and their life.

Healers DO NOT have to be doing obvious helping and support work. They may be artists, virtual assistants, marketing specialists, etc.

It is simple, if you want to share your message, light, and love with the world or with a group of people through whatever path (coaching, healing, your music or poetry, energy work, etc)... you are a healer! This does not always mean active hands on or talk healing. People are profoundly transformed and helped by the stories in books and movies, the movement of dance, the impact of a performer in live theater, the lyrics and music of certain musicians, and the profound effect art can have. This also does include coaches, intuitives, readers, therapists, chiropractors, etc.

You may also be a business coach or something that seems less “touchy feely.” You do not have to be a life coach to help people and touch lives. If you are working with business, technology, etc. and are passionate about helping people live their dreams or technology that advances the world... this is all a part of the “Healing” movement.

Now for our “wounds...”

We all have them. Even the smallest experiences from well intentioned teachers and parents can wire us with limiting belief systems that affect the reality we create and experience as adults. Some of us have obvious wounding from childhood trauma, physical illnesses and disease, abusive relationships, addictions, and more.

Regardless of the size, amount, or severity, all wounds can be used to help us to connect with our “light” and love and, believe it or not, our wounds are the key to discovering our unique purpose in this world.

The Biggest and Most Surprising Gift In Living Our Purpose

As we live our true purpose, it will continually call us to keep addressing our inner wounds layer by layer. As I have lived my purpose in this work, it kept me in constant focus... like a mirror in front of my face... of my inner self. This work has always called me to keep loving and building connection with all aspects of me. As I have done so, I have shifted more and more from surviving to thriving. It is a layer by layer process and our true purpose requires us to keep working our layers. This has been my biggest, most surprising, and most appreciated gift from living my true purpose.

Why are you so important to the world NOW?

The World needs more people living and loving on purpose! You can lead the way, be one of the examples of living your true self and true purpose.

It is time we not only survive in life, but we thrive. Part of thriving is true self love, real purpose, and allowing abundance and prosperity in your life.

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Thriving and the Love You Method

The next section will focus on our inner transformation. I will speak more later about our marketing method, but the true key to success for myself and all of our clients lies in the power of the Love You Method. So bear with me as I break down the importance of shifting our “inner team” into a “thriving team” with the use of the method.

Yes, you have heard it before... “Learn to Thrive instead of Survive....” But what is thriving really?

I want to make one thing very clear before you read on because it is what we all need to realize in order to find true thriving....

Thriving and “Awakening” some would call it, do not come overnight and are NOT painless!!!! It is NOT always easy...


I share this not to scare you, but because I got so tired of being told there was a magic answer, or it was easy, or it didn’t take work and would be painless.

It would be like going to the gym to get stronger and grow your muscles and that you will not feel the pain. You do! But, eventually, you do gain those muscles and that very same weight that was a struggle, is now easy.

Okay... if you are still here, you are brave, you are ready, and I want to assure you again...  It DOES get EASY. It does feel amazing... and what you are looking for, truly is looking for you and is attainable in a bigger and more embodied way than you could ever imagine!

So what is this process of thriving and “awakening” all about? For as long as we can dig back into history, people have been looking to feel more peace, prosperity, and purpose. They desire love and peace in their relationships and in the world. Spiritual leaders, “new age” teachers, and even psychologists, talk about enlightenment, self-actualization, becoming your “best self”.

Regardless of the terminology, we are all looking to thrive! Many of us have made leaps and bounds in our personal lives, purposes, and businesses. Some of us are helping others profoundly! Yet, many are looking for even deeper answers and are still in aspects of “survival” mode.

Not only that, but many of us find things are coming up within us more dramatically. Our trauma is being shaken up and preparing for release.

This is triggering “shake ups” in the following areas:

  • Purpose: Lack of clarity as to your role “here”, feeling stuck, knowing you are so much more.
  • Prosperity: It is easy for you to give, but you are finding that receiving financially is a struggle. No balance or consistency in your income.
  • Business: Difficulty building your business, your message, and connecting with your ideal clients. Trouble finding clients who will pay for your expertise.
  • Health: Disease, chronic conditions, degeneration, obesity, anorexia, lack of energy, weight troubles, etc.
  • Relationships: relationship discord, domestic abuse, family conflicts. You just desire to lovingly connect with those you consider family.
  • Complex Trauma: You have PTSD or Complex PTSD and as far as you go in transforming in your personal journey, it is still affecting your life (especially your inner existence) and causing pain and suffering. You wish to transform your trauma and use it to create a life of FREEDOM , SAFETY, and JOY. You love the idea that you could even find purpose in your wounds.
  • Addiction: Never getting to the core cause, just putting a bandage on the problem. OR, being “clean” of the addiction but finding the feelings and pains are still there no matter how long you stay away from of the outer act or habit.
  • Spirituality: Trouble connecting with Source, experiencing “awakening symptoms.” You know more is happening right now in this time and that you are also going through a spiritual and physical transformation, but are unaware how to navigate this profound shift inwardly and outwardly.

The Love You Method focuses on 5 Core Life Areas:

1. Purpose, 2. Prosperity, 3. Health, 4. Relationships, 5. Spirituality. The Method is also very focused on Business/Finances, Addictions, and Trauma work. During this training day you will learn our Method which will help you align inwardly with what you desire enabling you to achieve the outer results you seek. Once your inner world is in harmony with what you desire outwardly, you find you will create it with great ease.

Why is it important for entrepreneurs and artists to focus on these areas of life? Because, believe it or not, every single area of your life will affect your business, purpose, and your success. If you are having big issues in your relationship, physical health, personal finances, it will bring up issues in signing clients or your effectiveness on stage etc.

Healers, Artists, and Trailblazers are human and we use our hearts and selves to help the world... therefore, we have to focus on constant and consistent attention to ourselves.

What is The Love You Method?

“You had the power all along, My Dear. You just needed to learn it for yourself.” ~Glinda, The Wizard of Oz

You, of course, will need to attend the training to truly get an understanding of this powerful method, but let me share a little with you.... After all, I love speaking of this process which has profoundly changed my life and that of so many others.

You are “awakening” to your Thriving Self. But this is a process, it is a birthing, it is an emerging, a metamorphosis...

So many of us have done decades of self help, therapy, trainings, spiritual and new age work, powerful modalities and so much more. This has all been of great benefit, but we find that, in certain areas, we still feel we are surviving. OR, some part of our soul resonates with this knowingness that there is more for us.

This is where I was... I was looking for deeper answers after years of learning from hundreds of teachers, spending over $75,000 in programs for myself... and I still knew there was a deeper answer seeking me.

It was through my own personal trauma coming to the surface, to be transmuted and transformed, that I was propelled to find that very answer and eventually turned that answer into a method, the Love You Method.

So here is some of what I had studied (most of which I was teaching) already:
1. General Self Help- Many elements of self-help and personal transformation. I have read and heard hundreds of speakers and authors and been personally trained by some.
2. Trauma- I have become incredibly well versed in trauma work through my own trauma journey and guiding others through theirs. Some of our clients have been psychotherapists who have been in the field for decades.
3. Energy Work- I am an energy worker and I am familiar with and trained in several modalities (including Reiki, Access Consciousness, Healing Touch, CranioSacral and more).
4. Holistic Health- I started this journey as a Health Coach and have a decade of personal and professional experience using food to heal. I have been trained in hundreds of dietary theories and have practiced many of them.
5. Neuroscience- I have studied, practiced, and taught many aspects of healing around the brain and the subconscious mind over the past 6 years.
6. Spiritual Awakening- I have experienced a “kundalini awakening” and I have become very familiar with my “higher self” who is named “Amoryss.” I often “channel” messages from my higher self, those of others, and “clusters of Source” (as they call themselves). I have spent time in my Third Eye, meditation as well as connecting with Teacher Plants.
7. Business and Marketing- For the past 7 years I have been trained in several marketing and business practices. I have invested over $60k in these programs alone in order to learn how to allow my purpose to create my prosperity and to help transform lives in the process.

8. MORE!- I have experienced and utilized and currently utilize many other modalities and methods. These include EFT, Faster Tapping, PSYCH-K, Inner Child Modalities, Somatic Experiencing, CranioSacral Therapy, Detoxification, Juice Fasting, Biofeedback, Supplement Therapy, Colonhydrotherapy... (just to name a few). And the works of Teal Swan, Victor Oddo, Bruce Lipon, Brian Weiss, Joe Dispenza, Matt Kahn, and so much more.

All of this has been amazing in my life, taught me a lot, and truly helped me. And.... I knew there was a foundation to stand on I was still missing.

So how is The Love You Method Different and how is it Foundational?

Tools VS. Foundation/Method:

I believe anything you need to stop and “DO” is a “tool.” I would boldy even call meditation a tool. It is a wonderful and amazing “superpower tool.” But, it is something you must stop and do. You need to get yourself to practice this habit of meditation. Any of the practices and methods above are the same.

So often, I found in my life or with my clients... you either can’t get yourself to do something or when you do, it often just doesn’t work or doesn’t last.

Some part of me knew there was a FOUNDATION. Something we can tap into at any and all times to help us transform and become more of who we desire to be.
Like a wheel....

All of these necessary and wonderful modalities and tools above are like spokes of a wheel. I wanted to find the hub. The center that balanced everything and allowed the spokes (AKA Tools) to work in unison and with smooth ease.

The answer became obvious... WE are our own foundations.

This is not just a “higher self” or a positive mind. I realized there were human aspects of me that were there, active, and creating a majority of my reality without my conscious realization. Until I got to know them, no amount of free will or even “spiritual” or “new age” practices were going to help me.

This inner team, I found was full of many aspects, emotions, and even individual personalities and thoughts. Some of them, I barely identified as “who I am” or “how I think/feel.” Yet, they were all within me.


They all existed to help me survive. They were my subconscious team.
Yet... I learned, over time, that their original roles within me was actually to help me thrive!

What I discovered was there is a deep inner relationship process of connecting to all aspects of self (we call them our “inner team”), especially the ones we are less conscious of. We can nurture these parts to help them have roles that are in service of us thriving instead of just surviving.

Survival “wiring” within our subconscious creates “symptoms” in our life and outer reality.

When areas of your life appear out of balance as a result of the “survival” efforts of your “inner team”, we call those reality results “Symptoms.”

Anything from lack of money, to alcohol addiction, to relationship problems, physical disease, anxiety, inability to connect with clients or your purpose, and more are all “symptoms” of survival.

These symptoms affect our businesses, connection to our unique purpose, our prosperity, ability to attract ideal clients, etc.

A missing puzzle piece I discovered is that, to your Inner Team, Survival becomes DISTORTED.

This distortion results in “undesirable symptoms” in our outer reality. This is where people will struggle with health, weight, relationships, business, their purpose, and money.

The reason I am able to connect with so many people and truly understand, is I have had MANY “symptoms” from my survival team having very distorted beliefs of what would help me be safe and free.

Symptoms I have Experienced:

1. Complex PTSD from extreme childhood trauma and abuse.
2. Weight gain from age 8 on (I was over 60 pounds overweight most of my life).
3. Turbulent Romantic Relationships and Lack of Connection.
4. Struggle with growing my business as an entrepreneur or making ANYTHING I was trying to do work.
5. Lack of money growing up (we were quite poor). Then struggles in my adult life and how to make and receive money in my personal business and purpose.
6. A lack of connection to my purpose and why I am here
7. Addictions - Alcohol and Food.
8. Bulimia
and overeating.
9. Panic and Anxiety Disorder
from age 3 on. Daily panic attacks most of my life.

Professionally, regarding the “symptoms” I have worked with, the list is much longer.
From working with such a vast array of “outer symptoms” what we have found at the YOUniversity is that every single one of them links back to what is going on within our “inner team.” When we are stuck in one of these undesirable symptoms it is always because one or more members of our team is creating the symptom out of some idea of survival with no understanding that this is a distorted survival and certainly is not in service of helping us thrive.

The exciting thing is, once these inner team members are able to shift into the service of thriving (with the help of our higher self/mind), we are able to easily create the outer reality we desire and the symptom disappears. This is a journey and a process, but when we get to thriving in the areas of our life we desire, that is when the ease comes and as long as we stay connected with our Higher and Human Teams, the ease stays. This is how we use the Love You Method to help people transform their inner and outer lives.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING TOOLS! It is imperative that I make clear that tools and all of these modalities, teachings and ways of improving ourselves are vital to our process.. In the definition we give, even drinking water would be considered a “tool.” This is obviously something vital to our life force and survival and thriving. Therefore, “tools” are essential and I and the YOUniversity team utilize many in our lives down to essential things like breath and water to deeper connections of meditation, cranio sacral, somatic experiencing, exercise, yoga, chiropractic, and much more.

Our Love You Marketing Method is completely based on systems, steps and powerful tools to help you grow your business/purpose and craft with eventual ease.

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The Love You Marketing Method

We teach some highly effective and powerful marketing using the Love Your Marketing Method. Many people have asked me to just teach them the marketing tools because they see my success and that of my clients. I never have, and I choose not to do this, because if the inner team is not on board with your success, prosperity, worth, etc... the best tools in the world will either not work, or they will work outwardly but you will still feel the same inwardly. And I do not base the success of our clients on outer success alone...if we are not helping you transform inwardly first, then it isn’t successful.

Did you know 95% of all entrepreneurs don’t hit the 6 figure mark even one time? Most entrepreneurs stay in the “hobby zone” making under $25k a year.

We believe this struggle is not about you doing anything wrong outwardly. We certainly believe in smart, powerful, authentic, and heart-centered marketing. However, again, if your inner team is not on board with your success for whatever reason... you will struggle. So as I share below what we address with our marketing method, keep in mind we use the inner method in conjunction with it to create true success.

The Love You Marketing Method Areas of Focus

These are some of the areas we will focus during our training:
(Keep in mind, we will help you fit this to your specific industry, craft, and market. These are overall generalities).

Unique Purpose- I cannot tell you how many times I have heard someone introduce themselves as “a health coach,” “a transformational life coach,” “an artist,” “a singer in a band,” “a chiropractor,” etc. It is SO important to set yourself apart from others. Not only does your potential clientele or audience need to know what makes you unique and different... so do you! The truth is, what you are meant to do in this world, is something only you are here to do, and no one else. During the training, we will help you get connected with your unique purpose. If you know it, we will help you clarify it more and speak it in a way that grabs your audience most effectively. As we continue to grow and transform, so does our purpose and we have to stay ahead of it so we can keep clarity, growth, and effective communication to our tribe.

“Top Tier” Tribe- Not only is it vital to have a clear picture of who your tribe is (this can be clients, patients, audience/fans), but we also need to know who the ones are at the top. Those at the top will be your biggest fans, those who will follow you for years, will re-sign with you( if you have a program) over and over, are most capable of true transformation, and will pay you the most since they are committed to big transformation. They must be identified and spoken to clearly, we will help you do just that!

Your Story- It doesn’t matter what you do... you are going to have to speak to people, introduce yourself, share you. So whether you are going to give talks, write blogs or books, or just introduce yourself to someone... You need to know how who you are and your story link you to what you do. We will help you dig into your story so that you have a compelling, powerful, and confident way of sharing about you and your message/gifts.

High End Program- For those to whom it is applicable, it is the best use of your time and best for your “top tier tribe” that you have a powerful, not over-complicated program that will benefit your clientele the most. We will help you understand why it is important to first start with big transformation for your top tier tribe that allows you to work less, more effectively, and gain more prosperity. If you have a big world message and long term goal, we will help you understand why this serves to build your foundation and is vital to your process.

Heart Centered/Solution Based Enrollment- We will introduce you to the enrollment system, created by Cortney, that is extremely successful and will NEVER have you pushing sales and will have you empowering the right people from a true caring and empowering place.

Fluid Map- Through this process, together, we will create a map for your 2018 business and personal process. We say it is “fluid” because we guarantee you will grow, transform, and gain more and more clarity over the year if you work the process. Therefore, at times, you will need to change some of your map steps, systems, and unique specifics. That is okay, it is actually good and a part of being an ever growing heart centered trailblazer!

We believe outer success is icing on the cake to true inner transformation and thriving which should be our foundation as well as the energy we source from to create the outer circumstances we desire. When it happens this way, IT IS EASY!

Because I believe in the inner and marketing methods we teach so definitively...
I personally guarantee the day. As long as you attend the full day and participate with an open mind and heart...if you are walking out at the end of the day feeling it was not worth your money, we ask you to come to our team and we will refund you the full day’s tuition.  But I truly believe, and have seen it happen with so many others that, our Training will be that game changer for you! I have been to dozens of “game changer” events that didn’t really live up to the hype. Not this one! It is my mission to make sure people don’t just have a wonderful transformative time, but they are able to take it home with them to truly empower and lighten their future.

So to find out if you should attend, and why you it would be of value to you...

Register Now

Here are 10 reasons to attend this powerful Training Day:

1. Business Steps do not need to be so difficult or overly time consuming!- If we are doing business in a way that is not in support of our inner self, we will constantly sabotage our success. We will teach you the business steps that are simple, concise, and that as long as you use them with the inner work (The Love YOU Method) as the foundation, they will do amazing things for you in your purpose business!

2. Be guided through all of the steps to building your 6 figure heart centered business.Building a 6 figure business that is joyful and feeds your soul, is far simpler than other business programs make it out to be. We will go into detail during the event about the best ways to grow a prosperous heart centered business. You will be AMAZED at how SIMPLE it actually is.

3. The World is Changing NOW- The earth is transforming in huge ways. Although some are experiencing a lot of pain and things are not going well in some areas of the world and our lives, others are waking up to who they are and who they desire to be. Some of us are ready to take things to the next level in our lives and move into more and more thriving. Not only do we want this for ourselves, but some of us want to use our work, our journey and story, and our gifts to help others to also thrive. As humans, we are evolving.

4. You deserve the best life has to offer- We have so much opportunity on this planet to create an increasingly expansive and joyful life. I will teach you all about how to keep expanding and growing and to do it FAR more rapidly.

5. Learn why your heart is the key to empowering your tribe and enrolling more clients. I believe YOU DO NOT HAVE TO “SELL”! Your job is to empower from a place of unconditional love. For your tribe who need you as their current “solution,” they need to be lovingly empowered to step into that solution. They have a pattern of stepping back into problems around the area they need your help with, so your very first time of guiding them is the first conversation. We will teach you all about heart centered, authentic, and incredibly effective enrollment. It will completely change the way you do business because you will have the heart component, but the strong guidance component as well because your tribe doesn’t need “nice” they need lovingly strong guidance! We will also help you understand what your inner blocks during enrollment may be and how to work WITH them to start having successful calls where the right people enroll with you and you are no longer subconsciously sabotaging yourself.

6. Discover why you do NOT need be Positive or Resist the Negative.- The truth is, the “negative” is in you for a reason and is trying to tell you something. When we resist it, it doesn’t go away and cannot be worked with and processed. During the training you will learn how to let the negative work FOR you in order to actually create the positive things you desire. However, when we try and deny feelings that are natural and need to be expressed, we are not allowing ourselves to be with and process through what is vital for us to get on the other side of the “storm.”

7. You CAN transform ALL areas of your life, YOU HAVE THE POWER- Law of Attraction, and the fact that we are creators of our own reality is all quite true. However, the way to do so is to be in relationship and connection with ALL of who you are... the Higher, Conscious, and Subconscious Selves. When you do this, affirmations are not a practice, they are thoughts that come with ease and create what you desire naturally. Feelings and emotions that are in alignment with thriving all come from within and are written into your cells. Again, it is a process to get to this point. You don’t enter a gym only able to lift 40 pounds but wanting the ease that lifting 200 pounds brings only to expect it overnight and with no pain. It is a process... but when you get there and as long as you keep using those muscles you keep that strength and ALL of the ease that comes with it. THAT is what this process allows.

8. Big givers should be big receivers $$$- When you give, it is natural to receive back. It is science and energy. It is like breathing. But we healers and givers often have massive blocks to receiving. We have had students in the academy who had 30 year careers where they easily made 6 figures (some in sales specifically)...but have a difficult time even making $500 a month while doing their purpose work. This work requires we grow, expand, share our true selves with the world, be in success and joy, and all of this can be terrifying to our subconscious inner selves. So if you are giving a lot and not receiving (part of the receiving should be financially), there is something blocking you, usually multiple things. We will teach you during the weekend what is going on, help you explore your unique blocks and how you can start shifting them with love so you can receive back more equally to your giving. When that happens, get your bank account and heart ready because the abundance and prosperity are massive for we lights of the world!

9. YOUR inner wisdom and guidance are what matters. NOT OURS. We have found so many teachings tell people what to think and how to be. The truth is, we are all different souls with different connections and unique missions. We have different pasts and ways of relating with and to the world. And all our higher selves/minds have unique wisdom and guidance for us. Most importantly, our subconscious minds are all wired uniquely and no two people are wired the same way. Therefore, we believe that guidance comes from within. We are merely teaching you to tap into, build relationships with, and strengthen those connections. When necessary, we challenge you to question where your beliefs are coming from and how they are serving you so you are more easily able to discern if your belief is truly from higher guidance or from a distorted survival belief. Inevitably, it is up to you to choose your path and we empower you to do so with the most strengthened, clear, and discerning inner foundation possible. To use the analogy from #7, the personal trainer at the gym is not telling your muscles how to work nor are they giving them to you. They are guiding you on how to strengthen the muscles (“tools”) you already have within you while using the innate wisdom of your physical body to support you in creating the more empowered physical body you desire.

10. We are NOT meant to do this alone- No matter how connected I become, since I am still here on earth I know there is more expansion for me to experience. In order to best expand, I choose to employ those who are steps beyond me in the areas of my life in which I desire to expand. They are steps ahead and have done this already, which means they can help me do it much faster and with far more ease than traversing it myself.

This is an event you don’t want to miss if you are a heart-centered entrepreneur who wants to continue your amazing awakening journey and build a successful 6-7 figure business using your love, light, and gifts.

Purpose and Prosperity Training